Ariana is a rising senior at School Without Walls SHS in Washington, DC. She hopes to enroll at Clark Atlanta University or attend university as a recipient of the Posse Foundation Scholarship. Ariana wants to pursue her interests in Criminology, Civil Rights law, or forensics. She hopes to return to her home community in Washington, DC upon completing undergraduate studies. Ariana is a founding member of the WISE Club at School Without Walls and served as a panelist for the Office of Violence Against Consolidated Youth Grantees. If she had a talk show, her first three guests would be Queen Latifah, Malcolm X, and Dave Chappelle. Queen Latifah would be her first guest because she's her favorite female rapper and she loves her movement and what she stands for. Her second guest would be Malcolm X, to discuss why he used the many tactics he did during the civil rights movement. Last, but not least her final guest would be actor and comedian Dave Chappelle because a little laughter on the show is needed to keep the vibe alive. 

Ariana Monk,   Youth Ambassador

Ariana Monk,

Youth Ambassador