Healthy Masculinity Action Project


HMAP Mission

To serve as an international catalyst for examining the intersections of masculinity and violence and for advancing healthy, non-violent masculinity.

Every day we hear violent news stories that can be linked to masculinity. Rarely, if ever, do we hear the other side of the story. It is time to highlight the positive.

Led by Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR), seven esteemed national organizations in the gender-based violence prevention field – Men Can Stop Rape, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Men Stopping Violence, Break the Cycle, Coach for America, Women of Color Network, and A CALL TO MEN – launched HMAP in 2012 with the National Healthy Masculinity Summit. Through traditional and social media as well as events and webinars, HMAP messages have reached more than 60,000,000 people.  Since 2012 MCSR has continued to implement HMAP programming, sparking an international healthy masculinity movement, and setting a standard for building a new generation of male leaders who model strength without violence.

Based on a public health approach, the desired outcomes of HMAP have been shaped by a logic model that serves as a guide for planning and assessment. All the components of MCSR’s HMAP together constitute a unified and comprehensive whole that positively engages boys and men in prevention at all the levels of the social ecological model.

HMAP Components include:

·Community Events: Healthy Masculinity Community Conversations and Healthy Masculinity Twitter Town Halls

·Youth Development Programming: The Men of Strength (MOST) Club

·Training and Technical Assistance: The Healthy Masculinity Training Institute and Healthy Masculinity Webinars

·Public Education Campaign: Where Do You Stand?

Download the HMAP information sheet for more details.

Download the Healthy Masculinity Summit Report.

Download the press release about the Healthy Masculinity Summit Report.

Email to learn more about launching HMAP in your community or campus.

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