Chloe is a rising senior at School Without Walls SHS in Washington, DC. In the fall, she hopes to attend one of the following: University of California, Sant Barbara, the University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, or Boston University. She also considering other small liberal arts schools in California. Her interests are related to, but not limited to Business, Math, Computer Science, or pre-law. After completing her undergraduate coursework, she is considering going to law or business school. Chloe co-founded the WISE Club at School Without Walls SHS and served as a panelist for the Office of Violence Against Consolidated Youth Grantees. If she could only choose one word to wear on a t-shirt for an entire year, she would choose the word "Rosebud" from the famous film Citizen Kane. She would choose this word because the movie represents a man struggling to love himself and find it in him to allow himself to love something or someone else. The word Rosebud represents the only thing he ever truly loved which was his childhood sled 'named' Rosebud. By having this word on her shirt for a year, it would spark a conversation starter on the deeper meaning of the movie, and what it means to truly find love and happiness.

Chloe Pine,   Youth Ambassador

Chloe Pine,

Youth Ambassador