Community Strength Projects


Through Community Strength Projects, Men of Strength Club members become activist leaders in their schools and communities in the prevention of violence against women. Projects range from awareness-raising activities on campus to partnering with women's groups for Take Back the Night or V-Day events. Check out some of the most recent projects below.

Furthermore, Community Strength Projects translate curriculum lessons into public action and peer education. Under the guidance of adult facilitators, Club members develop, execute, and evaluate their own projects. By earning service learning credits to fulfill graduation requirements, Club members enjoy tangible benefits of active participation as well as the intrinsic rewards that accompany service to others.

Film Screenings

On Friday February 17, the Men of Strength Club at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC hosted an installment of Solutions Through Film, MOST Club's film and discussion series. In honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the group showed a short film on teen dating violence created by Mind Warp Entertainment LLC in collaboration with the El Paso County Attorney's Office. The film can be viewed in its entirety here. The MOST Club showed the film to about 60 tenth grade young men and had a discussion afterward facilitated by Men Can Stop Rape's Director of Community Education Jason Page and MOST Club member Nile Myers.

Poetry Slam

On Feb. 23, two MOST Club members, Maurice from Beaufort High School and Tahj from Whale Branch High School in Beaufort, SC, took to the stage to perform original poetry for a group of 36 middle school MOST Club students from Ridgeland Middle School, also located in South Carolina.

The students who performed, are both seniors and also members of a media arts and performance group called. Maurice and Tahj performed pieces that dealt with substance abuse, physical abuse, and violent imagery in the media. Discussion on the poems were held as well. MOST Club students identified concepts in the pieces to include objectification, traditional masculinity, and unhealthy relationships. The middle school students were moved by the original work of Maurice and Tahj, that many took to writing their own original pieces and brought them in to share during check in at their next session.

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