The Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle

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The Men Can Stop Rape resources contained in this bundle serve to help community organizations, campuses, and coalitions better engage men in athletics. Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) is internationally recognized for its approach to positively mobilizing men in the prevention of sexual and domestic violence. Since 1997, MCSR has reached more than 65 million men and boys through its pioneering youth development programs, public education campaigns, trainings, and presentations. We have served as a Federal Engaging Men Technical Assistance Provider for more than a decade. To learn more about our bundles, or send an email to

Healthy Masculinity Athletics Bundle

In “Addressing Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence: Athletics’ Role in Support of Healthy and Safe Campuses,” published by the NCAA, the authors assert that college coaches, student-athletes, athletics administrators, and athletics staff are uniquely positioned to play key roles in creating safer campus climates. Their influence and leadership offer males in athletics the opportunity to visibly role model for entire community healthy prosocial norms tied to healthy masculinity. Athletes have played a historical role in advocating for social justice and cultural change. It is this spirit of leadership, advocacy, and activism that the Healthy Masculinity Athletics Bundle (HMAB) is based on. In particular, HMAB encourages college campuses and communities to use healthy masculinity to actively develop athletes as allies and leaders in the primary prevention of sexual assault and gender-based violence. HMAB will help foster that collaboration. The bundle contains the following resources.

Bundle Content

1.     HMAB Training Manual – a manual that supports athletics’ efforts to contribute to the well-being of athletes, their teams, and their communities, and offers prevention specialists and athletics staff exercises and activities that can be used to engage athletics in prevention.

2.     HMAB Game Plan – a supportive guide to help prevention specialists and athletics leaders develop and implement a yearlong timeline of activities and actions that positively engage and mobilize male and female athletics.

3.     HMAB Logic Model – a tool that can help during the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of your HMAB work.

4.     HMAB Progress Checklist – a checklist that provides, prevention specialists, communities, and partners with a sense of their progress in their efforts to engage male athletics in the prevention of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

5.     HM and Focus Groups -- a document useful for assessing men in athletics’ knowledge and perspectives about gender-based violence, as well as assessing the effectiveness of healthy masculinity athletics programming.

6.     HM 1-Pager – Men Can Stop Rape’s description of healthy masculinity, which can be used by trainers in various ways.

7.     HMAB Training Evaluation Form – an evaluation form that can be filled out at the end of a healthy masculinity athletics’ training or workshop to assess its effectiveness.

Bundle Add-Ons:

For additional discounted costs you can add on the following to the bundle.

1.     Two Day Healthy Masculinity Athletics Training Conducted by Men Can Stop Rape – MCSR will train up to 30 prevention specialists and people in athletics how to understand and effectively use the contents in the bundle.

2.     Follow up support by MCSR – after purchasing the bundle or after the two day training, MCSR can continue providing expert support through follow up technical assistance.

3.     A Where Do You Stand? (WDYS) Bundle – WDYS is a bystander intervention public education campaign created by MCSR that is specifically for young men. In order to do healthy masculinity work more comprehensively, consider supplementing this bundle with a WDYS bundle. You can learn more at