The Healthy Masculinity Community Conversation Bundle

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This Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) bundle contains resources for organizing a Healthy Masculinity Community Conversation. Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) is internationally recognized for its approach to positively mobilizing men in the prevention of sexual and domestic violence. Since 1997, MCSR has reached more than 65 million men and boys through its pioneering youth development programs, public education campaigns, trainings, and presentations. We have served as a Federal Engaging Men Technical Assistance Provider for more than a decade. To learn more about our bundles go to or send an email to

The Healthy Masculinity Community Conversation (HMCC) provides communities and campuses with the space and opportunity for critical, constructive, and contemplative dialogue around individual and shared understandings of what it means for community men to role model healthy masculinity and engage in the prevention of gender-based violence. Based on an innovative format using storytelling to spark conversations, the conversation begins with three to four powerful personal narratives from a set of storytellers that lead to a discussion guided by two co-facilitators. Community members have the opportunity to participate in shared conversation that helps to advance prosocial community norms related to healthy masculinity and men engaging in the prevention of gender-based violence. The event typically lasts an hour-and-a-half and is attended by 50 to 100 participants. This bundle includes the following HMCC resources.

Bundle Content

1.     HMCC FAQ – a quick description of how the HMCC works.

2.     HMCC Action Guide – a step-by-step blueprint for organizing a HMCC.

3.     HMCC 8 Week Timeline – a document that breaks down all the tasks involved in organizing a HMCC over a period of eight weeks.

4.     HMCC Media Alert Template – a template for alerting media about the event.

5.     Healthy Masculinity (HM) 1-Pager – Men Can Stop Rape’s description of healthy masculinity, which can help conversation facilitators develop discussion ideas.

6.     HMCC Sample Agenda – a sample agenda for the event.

7.     Sample Facilitator Questions – a list of questions facilitators can use to generate discussion.

8.     HMCC Inclusiveness Statement – a statement to read at the beginning of the Community Conversation that helps set the tone for the event.

9.     HMAP Logo – to include on materials created for the event and to display at the event.

10.  HMCC Evaluation Form – to distribute at the end of the conversation to assess its effectiveness.

Bundle Add-Ons:

For additional discounted costs you can add on the following to the bundle.

1.     Men Can Stop Rape Webinars Prepping Storytellers and Facilitators – MCSR can conduct hour long webinars with the storytellers and facilitators to expertly prepare them for their roles in the HMCC.

2.     Facilitation of HMCC by MCSR – MCSR staff can use their professional facilitation experience to guide discussion on healthy masculinity at the HMCC.