These two Healthy Masculinity Bundles contain multiple resources intended to assist organizations, agencies, and schools in integrating healthy masculinity into organizing healthy masculinity events or conducting trainings related to healthy masculinity and athletics. Other bundles can be created upon request.

1.     The Healthy Masculinity Conversation Bundle

The Healthy Masculinity Conversation is an event that provides campuses and communities with the space and opportunity for critical, constructive, and contemplative dialogue around individual and shared understandings of healthy masculinity.

This bundle includes:

  • Introduction to the Healthy Masculinity Conversation Bundle;

  • The Healthy Masculinity Conversation Action Guide;

  • The Healthy Masculinity Conversation Timeline;

  • The Healthy Masculinity Conversation Media Alert;

  • What is Healthy Masculinity? One-Pager;

  • The Healthy Masculinity Conversation Suggested Agenda;

  • An Inclusiveness Statement.

2.     The Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle

The Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle consists of resources designed to assist grantees – especially prevention specialists, athletics staff, and student athletes – in positively developing a culture of athletes as allies and leaders in the primary prevention of sexual assault and gender-based violence.

This bundle includes:

  • Introduction to the Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle;

  • A training manual consisting of exercises and activities that can be used to engage athletics in prevention through healthy masculinity;

  • A healthy masculinity game plan – a supportive tool and guide to help campus leaders develop and implement a timeline of activities and actions;

  • Engaging Men Campus Athletics Project Logic Model – a tool that can help during the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of an athletics project.