Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle

Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle

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Athletes have played an historical role advocating for social justice and cultural change. The Healthy Masculinity Athletics Bundle (HMAB) is based on this spirit of leadership, advocacy, and activism. HMAB provides college campuses and communities with healthy masculinity resources that will actively develop athletes as allies and leaders in the primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence. HMAB helps to foster a win-win collaboration between athletics and primary prevention specialists.



Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle

BUNDLE D1: Resource documents + 2-3 Day Training (East Coast) $11,000 - Discounted Price $9,900

BUNDLE D2: Resource documents+ 2-3 Day Training (West Coast) $13,000 - Discounted Price $11,700

Travel, accommodations, and food are in addition to bundle costs

Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundles D1

·       Introduction to bundle

2-3 Day Training (East Coast)

·       Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Training Manual  (30 copies)     

o   Healthy Masculinity, Sports, and Social Justice                                      

o   Healthy Masculinity and Primary Prevention                                     

o   The Social Ecological Model                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

o   HMAB Core Values

o   Healthy Masculinity and Dominant and Counter Stories                                                                                                                                                                           

o   Using Storytelling to Build Emotional Intelligence and Empathy          

o   Athletics as an Audience that Needs Persuading                                     

o   Theories of Bystander Intervention

o   Who’s in the Room                                                                                

o   Real Man                                                                                                  

o   What’s for Sale?                                                                                       

o   Risk Reduction and Racism                                                                     

o   Strongest Man                                                                                          

o   Describing Healthy Masculinity                                                              

o   Building Emotional Intelligence and Empathy                                        

o   Continuum of Harm to Women and Men                                               

o   Gut Check                                                                                

o   Bystander Intervention Role Play

o   1-pager describing HM (PDF)

o   Evaluation form (PDF)

·       HM and Athletics Logic Model

·       Guide to Developing an Athletics Game Plan

·       HMAB Progress Checklist

·       Using Focus Groups Guide

·       8 hours of Technical Assistance

·       Where Do You Stand? Materials → 75 Customized Posters, 1 Vinyl Banner  

 The Healthy Masculinity and Athletics Bundle D2

The Healthy Masculinity and Athletic Bundle Resource documents + 2-3 Day Training (West Coast)

Travel, accommodations, and food are in addition to bundle costs.