Erin Andrews

Executive Director & Director of Policy, FAIR Girls

Erin Andrews is the Executive Director and Director of Policy at FAIR Girls, a non-profit that provides intervention and holistic care to survivors of human trafficking who identify as girls or young women. With a home office in Washington D.C., Erin works to help inform and influence legislative efforts directly affecting law and policy on a local and national level. To learn more about Erin, visit her full bio


Commander Duncan Bedlion

Second District Commander, Youth and Family Services Division, Metropolitan Police Department of DC.  

Duncan Bedlion is the Commander of the Second District within the DC Metropolitan Police Department. In 2017, he served as the unit commander of the Sexual Assault Unit. Since beginning his career with the Metropolitan Police Department in 2005, he has served in many capacities, including sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. Read Commander Bedlion’s full biography.


Kim Daulton

Director of Social Work, Children’s Law Center 

Kimberly leads the Social Work Project, a collaboration between Children’s Law Center’s social workers and attorneys, to coordinate clinical assessment, strategic intervention, and recommendations on complex cases. Kimberly uses her extensive training and experience as a clinically licensed social worker to address community mental health, and attachment based and trauma focused therapies. Read more about her at Children’s Law Center.


Dr. Katherine Deye

Child Abuse Pediatrician, Inova and Children’s National Medical Center

Dr. Katherine Deye is a member of Inova medical group and Children’s National Health System. She specializes in Child Abuse Pediatrics, and provides expertise garnered from over 24 years of experience in the field. Learn more about Dr. Deye here.


Roxie Farrow

Executive Director, The Exodus Project

Roxie Farrow is native Washingtonian and mental health professional. She began The Exodus Project in 2013 as a social media sticker campaign to raise awareness about domestic Human Trafficking within Washington, DC.


Aubrey Edwards-Luce

Senior Policy Attorney, Children’s Law Center 

Aubrey Edwards-Luce is a senior policy attorney at Children’s Law Center. Her work entails advocacy with DC government and its agencies to improve services and supports for vulnerable children and families in the District, including children at-risk of human trafficking. She has both a JD and MSW, which have equipped her in a career centered on advocating for the interests of vulnerable children. Learn more about Aubrey here.


Tina Frundt

Executive Director and Founder, Courtney’s House

Tina Frundt is Founder and Executive Director of Courtney's House, a Washington D.C. nonprofit dedicated to helping victims escape from sex trafficking. She trains law enforcement and other non-profit groups to provide resources to victims of sex exploitation. She is a member of the US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. To learn more about Tina, read her full bio here.


Llamilet Gutierrez

Executive Director, Amara Legal Center 

Llamilet Gutierrez is the Executive Director of the Amara Legal Center, which provides free legal services to individuals involved in commercial sex whose rights have been violated. Prior to joining Amara’s work, she was a public defender in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She brings this expertise to provide legal representation to victims of commercial sex.  Read Llamilet’s bio here.


Natasha Guynes

Founder and President, HER Resiliency Center 

Natasha Guynes is the founder of HER Resiliency Center, an organization dedicated to supporting and guiding vulnerable young women ages 18-25 to make positive decisions by providing holistic support, skills, and resources. Natasha has lived in the Baltimore/Washington area for 18 years and is currently an MPA candidate at the University of Baltimore. She is certified by Community Connections of Washington, DC, in Creating Cultures of Trauma Informed Care. Read her full story here.


Ashley Harrell

Director of Family Advocacy, Prevention & Outreach, Safe Shores  

Ashley Harrell is a trauma-informed clinician and advocate for survivors and secondary survivors of sexual forms of violence. As Director of Family Advocacy, Prevention & Outreach at Safe Shores, she leverages her expertise in preventing and identifying child sexual abuse and sex trafficking to provide immediate services and ongoing advocacy to children and families.


Indira Henard

Executive Director, DC Rape Crisis Center 

Indira Henard is the Executive Director of DC Rape Crisis Center, the oldest and first rape crisis center in the country. She has been involved in the violence against women movement for 20 years, bringing expertise to gender based violence through an anti-oppression, feminist, and survivor-centered lens. Read Indira’s full biography here.


Neil Irvin

Executive Director, Men Can Stop Rape 

Neil Irvin is the Executive Director at Men Can Stop Rape, a non-profit that moves to make boys and men allies in the primary prevention of gender-based violence. He leverages 25 years of experience in the field of leadership and youth development to guide youth in embracing definitions of masculinity that promote healthy relationships. Learn more about Neil here.


Naïké Savain

Senior Attorney, Children’s Law Center 

Naïké Savain is a senior attorney in the Guardian ad Litem Program at Children’s Law Center, where she represents children in abuse and neglect cases in the District of Columbia. Prior to joining Children’s Law Center in 2014, Naïké attended Georgetown University Law School, where she defended children in juvenile delinquency proceedings as a student attorney with the Georgetown Juvenile Justice Clinic. Read more about Naïké here.


Yasmin Vafa

Co-founder and Executive Director, Rights4Girls 

Yasmin Vafa is co-founder and Executive Director of Rights4Girls. An attorney and advocate, she focuses on educating the public and policymakers on human rights issues through an intersectional lens of race, gender, violence, and the law. Yasmin was recognized for her work by the US Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus in 2016 with an award for her advocacy on behalf of trafficking victims. Read more about Yasmin at Rights4Girls.


Sophie Vick

Investigator at Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project  

Sophie has been an investigator since 2013. Prior to her work with the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, she was an investigator at DC’s Children’s Law Center. She specializes in leveraging open source intelligence to build upon traditional investigative techniques, and shares this expertise by conducting trainings for law schools and firms. Read more about Sophie.