Member Testimonials


In this section you can read some of the testimonials from current and previous MOST Club members who have shared how the MOST Club has impacted their lives.


• 100% of MOST Club members will participate in at least one aspect of Community Strength Project planning, facilitation, attendee recruitment, or promotion.

• 85% will view themselves as a critical agent of change in ending men’s violence against women.

• 85% will act as peer leaders and be viewed as leaders by their peers and other observers.

• 85% will improve their ascendance and academic performance.

• 85% will reduce their suspensions, expulsions, and critical incidents. • 20% of project‐attending members will bring a parent, guardian, or other adult

Members Talk About MOST Club

“MOST Club has done wonders for me. I have a new‐ found respect for women and what they go through. I learned about the things that males do that are harmful to women everywhere. I now think of a woman as my partner and no more as an object.”-Vincent, Hyde Leadership PCS (DC)

“MOST Club has helped me greatly in life by giving me the ability to look at people and relationships in a different way. Now I am more aware of what it means for men and women to have respectful relationships with each other.” ∗ Justin, School Without Walls (DC)

“Everyone had a chance to speak their minds [in the MOST Club]. Usually in other programs, if one per‐ son says it, they just put it up. But here, not just one person. Even if we are running out of time, nobody is left out. Even if there is one minute left, they make sure everyone gets a chance.”- Delante, Good Shepherd Teen Learning Center (DC)


“...I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I spent volunteering with Men Can Stop Rape. I have experienced new things and met new people that I never would have otherwise. I have become aware of issues that I did not know existed before, and I have changed the ways that view certain parts of society and life. Since being in MOST Club and talking about the issues that we talk about on a weekly basis, I have noticed that I have become more likely to voice my opinion about something that bothers me. For example, when my friends use derogatory language in reference to women, I take the time to tell them, “Hey man that’s not cool and I don’t want you to talk like that around me. I am serious I don’t like to hear that.” 

One of the statistics that I remember you reading to us in MOST Club stated that 81% of college aged males are uncomfortable with using derogatory language to refer to women. Yet men rarely step up and say that it is unacceptable. Through being a part of MOST Club I have realized that I am not alone in being offended by such language, and that I need to step up and voice my opinion when need be. I was texting my buddy from back home the other day and he jokingly called me a “pussy” in response to me complaining about finals and I responded telling him to try not to use words like that; that they are hurtful and derogatory. He was so surprised that I had reacted in the manner that I did, and I know that they reason I had the courage to say that word is unacceptable is from what I have learned from my time at Men Can Stop Rape. I know that I have become a better person and a better man by volunteering with Men Can Stop Rape.”

Jonathan Babcock
MOST Club Member