Counter Stories


Young men are bombarded on a daily basis with negative, harmful, and violent messages about dominant masculinity. Counter Stories is a documentary style series created by District young men that presents positive, authentic counter messages through an exploration of art, culture, and social justice in their lives.

Counter Stories uses a mixed-media approach that incorporates print art, graphic art, photography, cinematography, music, and more to tell stories formed around the intersections of art, culture, and social justice in the lives of young men in Washington, DC. Counter Stories provides youth with the opportunity not just to tell the stories important to them, but to practice creating art in its many forms. Young people work side by side with city artists to become script writers, film editors, videographers, set designers, graphic artists, wardrobe designers, musicians, photographers, and cinematographers.

 Counter Stories features documentary style episodes, each with a different topic of focus. Final thematic decisions will be made by youth and will display the artistic images, sounds, and narratives of society through the lenses of youth, empowering them to explore their artistic expression. Future episodes include Hip Hop and the Changing Culture, Images of Strength in Art, Exploring Street Art, and The Art of Healthy Relationships.

Counter Stories are narratives that resist negative, limiting dominate values and expectations and are the foundation for developing a healthier masculinity open to more diverse expressions and actions. This docuseries provides Club members and their audiences with the opportunity to live in the counter story.