Healthy Masculinity Campus Conversations


The Healthy Masculinity Campus Conversation provides campuses with the space and opportunity for critical, constructive, and contemplative dialogue around our individual and shared understandings of healthy and unhealthy masculinity.

Based on an innovative format using storytelling to spark conversations, the Healthy Masculinity Campus Conversation creates an opportunity to raise the visibility of healthy masculinity across a college and is a natural evolution of Men Can Stop Rape's work as a leader in the area of mobilizing men against gender-based violence. Participants will hear powerful personal narratives from a set of storytellers before coming together to engage in a guided discussion of how unhealthy and healthy masculinity affects men and women’s lives.

Students, staff, faculty, and administrators have the opportunity to participate in shared conversation that not only helps to advance prosocial campus norms related to masculinity but also develops a shared understanding of what healthy masculinity means for the campus. The event can be held for men only, or can include every gender.

Send an email to to learn about organizing a conversation on your campus or in your community.