The Healthy Masculinity Introductory Bundle

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This Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) bundle contains resources for introducing training or workshop participants to healthy masculinity. Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) is internationally recognized for its approach to positively mobilizing men in the prevention of sexual and domestic violence. Since 1997, MCSR has reached more than 65 million men and boys through its pioneering youth development programs, public education campaigns, trainings, and presentations. We have served as a Federal Engaging Men Technical Assistance Provider for more than a decade. To learn more about our bundles, visit: or send an email to

If you did an Internet search before 2012 on “healthy masculinity,” not much would come up. Do it now and you'll discover almost 11,000,000 results. Near the top of the list: the Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP), a multi-year initiative led by Men Can Stop Rape in partnership with six other national nonprofit organizations that was launched nationally in October 2012 and designed to raise the national visibility of healthy masculinity. Because of HMAP, “healthy masculinity” has become a movement that benefits everyone. This bundle continues the work of HMAP by providing prevention specialists with Men Can Stop Rape resources they can use to conduct trainings or workshops that introduce healthy masculinity to participants. This bundle includes the following healthy masculinity training/workshop resources.

Bundle Content

1.     Healthy Masculinity (HM) Training Manual – a manual for prevention specialists containing a description of the Healthy Masculinity Approach and Men Can Stop Rape exercises that support the approach.

2.     HM 1-Pager – MCSR’s description of healthy masculinity, which can be used by trainers in various ways.

3.     HM and 5 Theories 1-Pager – a brief accounting of five theories that help to explain the value of the Healthy Masculinity Approach to organizations, schools, businesses, etc.

4.     HM Training Evaluation Form – to distribute at the end of a training or workshop on healthy masculinity to assess its effectiveness.

Bundle Add-Ons:

For additional discounted costs you can add on the following to the bundle.

1.     Half-Day or Full Day Healthy Masculinity Training Conducted by Men Can Stop Rape –  MCSR will train up to 30 professionals how to understand and effectively use  the contents in the bundle.

2.     Follow up support by MCSR – after purchasing the bundle or after the half-day or full day training, MCSR can continue providing expert support through follow up technical assistance.

3.     A Where Do You Stand? (WDYS) Bundle – WDYS is a bystander intervention public education campaign created by MCSR that is specifically for young men. In order to do healthy masculinity work more comprehensively, consider supplementing this bundle with a WDYS bundle. You can learn more at